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Padelgo Studio

Manage everything in Padelgo Studio for your event.

Schedule streams

Schedule streams for events, competitions, local division games and much more ahead of time.


Schedule events

Schedule and promote your events at your club.


Stream with commentators

Hosting a large tournament or have an invitational where you want to add commentators to the stream? No problem! It's easy to set-up in Padelgo Studio.


Want our team to take care of everything? No problem!

We take care of everything

Our team will do everything around streaming an event. You focus on hosting the event. We'll take care of the streaming.


Amazing commentators

Our commentators got the experience and padel knowledge to create truly engaging streams. Appreciated by both viewers and players!


Multiple camera angles

We'll set-up multiple camera angles to get the most out of the game. Your viewers can enjoy replays of game highlights as they happen!

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